Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crime VIctim denied assistance by Clinton's

The Honorable William J. Clinton
55 West 125th Street, NYC, NY 10027

Dear Pres. Clinton:

I am a US Citizen, defauded, exploited, denied by US Citizen Rights, abandoned to Thailand [the victimizer] ; my US Citizen Children have also been abducted.

The Bush administration and Sec.State Condolezza Rice made no efforts to assist.
Rep.Nancy Pelosi and Sen.Diane Feinstein have not protected me. Sen.Barbara Boxer, for all
of her self-promotion, also has never replied to my appeals.

Now, with the Obama Administration, current Sec.State Hilary Clinton, who was asked to intervene, protect, or assist as a NY Senator, continues to ignore the 'little' people problems
the kind of problems that have severely damaged their lives..for all of their lives; and being
elderly, very, very unlikely to recover or survive. America it seems is capable of demanding
taxes and patriotism without committing itself to help US Citizen victims of US 'partners'

Mr. President, your direct forward insertion into N. Korea shows that you act and influence.

I need a paladin. I do not need an empty promise..the Thai's and the US Ambassador at
Bangkok have offered nothing for over 8 years.

- Former President Bill Clinton met in North Korea with leader ......

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