Saturday, August 8, 2009

Senator Lugar denys protection to Crime Victim in Thailand

Senator Dick Lugar, ChairmanSenate Foreign Relations Committee
WASHINGTON, D.C.306 Hart Senate Office BuildingWashington, D.C. 20510-1401

Dear Senator Richard Lugar:

I am an American Citizen; I am a victim of crime: fraudulent theft and assault by a Thai Citizen
Olan Malisa Khamphungton;
I was further victimized by the Bangkok Thai Police who made false reports about this case, took no action, and who also stole half of my life-retirement assets;
I was again victimized by the Kasikorn-Thai Farmers' Bank of Bangkok who intentionally breeched my Savings Deposit Contract with them and gave over all the the accounts assets to the Thai Citizen who first defrauded me.
My current family, wife who is thai-burmese, and two children, girl-5, boy-1 are derivative victims as I cannot get them out of Thailand nor give them any future [they are biased against being american-burmese]. I cannot even protect them from Thailand whom insists that the
Children must obey Thai cultrue and learn Thai language in their pitiful schools.

I have contacted the US Embassy in Bangkok, the US State Department, President Bush, and even the King and the Prince of Thailand. No results in eight years.

The Senators of California where I lived for 20+ years have both ignored my pleas for 4-years now.
I find it amazing that US-based organizations AMCHAR can summon huge-amounts of assets and aid for tsunami victicms...all of whom will never recieve any of it; I am an American in distress I am ignored.

I will ask you to aid or intervene. My wife, who previously taught english to thai-drug police lost her job for asking for aid and they also tried to rape her

The originator of these crimes: Malisa Khamphungton now resides in San Francisco and although I have repeatedly notified INS....he was given US-citizenship.
Kasikorn-Thai Farmers'Bank is a wealthiest banks in Asia but continues to recieve USA-assistance to 'develop' Kasikorn Banks second chairman is Police General PowSarison, who protects the bank from lawsuits; his son, is a Captain in Thai Drug Police. Thai-Drug Suppression Police where trained by DEA but used US police-tactics and US weapons to 'erase' low-level drug-users and innocent families in Northern thailand]

No matter who nor how many times Thailand cycles around through governments and PM's
their objectives are never to omit error nor damaging an elder US Citizen.

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