Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama, Clinton, Pelosi deny victim Citizens' Rights

The US Government, under G.W. Bush or under B.Obama will not change its policy, will not correct mistakes already made, and will not reprimand those making misjudgements nor act to remediate the damages done to US Citizens and to US Citizen Children.
The United States Government will continue to play out their charade with Thailand as a 'partner' and will continue to remain silent regarding Thailand's deviance from United Nations Standards, Policies, and Accords,....and the US will continue to pump money into Thailand, continue pump hands and fill wallets in Thailand, and again,...continue the charade that Thailand is a moral nation, is a democracy, is a friend.
US President Elect, 2009, Barack Obama was petitioned two (2) years ago as a US Senator to investigate, to question, and to take action against the favourtism of the US Embassy Bangkok, US Dept. State, and US Ambassador Eric John [a Republican appointed by GW Bush] for deliberate malfeasance, dereliction of duty to protect US Citizen crime victims, and ..complicity with ...Thailand's ignoring Childrens' Rights and deliberate ethnic bias towards foreigners, and denial of Police and Judical venues,...and significantly, Mr.Obama's [now President Obama] breech of Oath of Office to uphold the US Constitution...and assist and protect US Citizens.
Vice-President Elect, 2009, Joe Biden was petitioned two (2) years ago as a US Senator and Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee to investigate and take action also; he never replied, nor did the US House Committee respond.
Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice and Nominee, 2009, Hillary Clinton was petitioned four (4) years ago as US Senator for NewYork and as a member of US Congress to also investigate and take action; she also never took action as US Senator, nor did
she take any action yet as Secretary of State.
California Senator Diane Feinstein was petitioned seven (7) years ago and continuously 2-3 times each year, case evidence and waiver and required identity and forms multi-submitted. Each time resulted in no action.
California Representative, Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi was petitioned seven (7) years ago; one staff member
from Pelosi's Office [Harriet Ishimoto] did contact and query the US Embassy Bangkok....and the Embassy perjured (lied) that the US Citizen in question, 'had never contacted the Embassy in any way about any kind of problem' I wonder what the penalty for Perjury is to a Member of Congress? I wonder what penalty there is for a Member of Congress to continually claim that I have not been identified and that the US State Dept. or Senate Foreign Relations Committee is 'out of their jurisdiction!!!' ...even though informed that I am marooned, I am a crime victim...and am a bonefide US Citizen.
California-SanFrancisco Representative Barbara Boxer, was peitioned for six (6) years and continually 4-5 times each
year and like Sen.Feinstein and Rep.Pelosi evaded due to 'jurisdiction' or like the US Embassy Bangkok, advised that I should hire a lawyer [when judicial justice is lax with favortism, cronism, and will never find Thailand nor Thai Kasikorn Bank, nor Thai Police, nor Thai Human rights at fault]....How can a destituted victim hire a lawyer with no assets? Legal services in thailand a structured for poor thais and have no success nor do they want
a victim of thai crimes..who also cannot pay..and who cannot bribe; case are usually tossed out as being 'in the wrong court'...'not within; thai jurisdiction', or most often 'ofter statute time limits'
The FBI and the ICE {INS} both in the USA and connected with the US Embassy Bangkok were petitioned and in Bangkok visited to request action and to receive detailed evidence against the initial causative person [Olan Malisa Khamphungton] who intentionally defrauded US Sponsor and intentionally misrepresented information to enter and to
remain in America by criminal activity. The FBI and ICE units [USA or Bangkok] both denied assistance of any kind.
The Govenor of California and Mayor of San Francisco were both informed of the crimes and damages and both replied that they would not help nor would they refer the case to someone or to some agency that would.

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