Monday, October 20, 2008

US Embassy Bangkok Eric John will NOT protect USCitizen Rights

US Embassy Bangkok: WARNING
The collusive relationship between the US Embassy Bangkok, the US Ambassadors, with
the various interim, temporary governments of Thailand has a sad 175 years of empty,
non-democratic, despotic, anti-USA history. The American US Dept.of State and the Embassy are delusional to believe or to suggest that a 'democracy' has or ever will exist in Thailand; Thai government uses the term democracy as 'people in support of
existing government' 'people in support of the military behind the government' or
'collusion of taxi drivers voicing their rights to defrauding by double pricing visitors'; the current and previous Prime Ministers are 'elected' by Members of Parliament without any Public input,...this is called a 'Democratic' Election/ Process.

The relationship is more insidious as 'ambassador' Eric John was appointed by George W. Bush; Mr. Eric John is a staunch Republican [voted for John McCain] and is from Indiana, the US State known for its: 'flag-waving, gun-hugging, and bible-based faith' Republican principles. Mr. Eric John does what he is told and as a matter of GW Bush Policy; either will shake hands with any partner despot. He is not a responsible public representative with a Oath of Office to uphold.

The listing of reports via the US Embassy Bangkok is available, most are out of date,
most circumvent that: Thailand does not care about foreign victims of crime caused within Thailand, those caused directly by Thai government, Thai police, Thai military..Nor does it openly record that Thailand has a completely ineffective Human Rights Commission that has not legal authority and reports to 'those' higher up who are unlikely to intervene on any human or children's rights issues.

====US Embassy Bangkok

Ambassadors Fund: this is essentially a slush fund, to satiate Thai-USA interests, mostly to dump US Taxpayer assets into the walls to Buddhist temples, into the gun-loving Thai Military, DEA-trained Thai Drug Police, ....
The Ambassador and the Embassy DO NOT aid US Citizen Crime Victims...victimized by Thailand.

The Embassy Claims that it CAN NOT comment on Thailand or events caused by Thai Government, ...yet, when the political action group, the PAD occupied the Suvanibhumi an act of protest [the airport was not closed by the PAD, that decision came from the Director of the Airport]...a coalition of Foreign Embassies joined together to Protest the closing and the marooning of foreign Citizens and demanded that the Thai government assist them or open the Airport. Thus, the US Embassy is
at best...a LIAR..
This link lists, but not the dollar amounts lost to investment in 'democracy'

Projects List
Embassy Reports, most are out of date.

Supporting Human Rights and Democracy: this is sadly, a lie. Even wikipedia, Thai
human rights truthfully records that Thailand has an empty, false record of interest in human, children's, foreigners rights.

The US Embassy Bangkok, and its current State rep. Eric John, a Pres.GW Bush appointee, sadly, does not respond to any claim of misgoverning, does not respond
to claims to furthering existing and future abuse and damages to US Citizens and US Citizen Children. He's just doing his job for the mission of diplomacy.

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