Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thailand denies Childrens Rights; US Embassy Silent

United Nations Member THAILAND abuses Human and Children's Rights; denies aid,
protection, denies their future; altruistic delusion at its worst.

Under the United Nations Hague Convention, The Convention provides a legal mechanism to seek return of abducted and kidnapped children and or to exercise parental visitation rights.

Thailand, is NOT a Signer to this Internationally recognized Agreement; children's human rights are regularly abused and ignored by Thai Authorities and Thai Judiciary; the vanity of sovereignty prevails. Although Thailand does have a Human Rights Commission, it is without any legal or police power [or influence upon Police or Judiciary] to act timely or to act at all; it is at best a symbolic but empty gesture.

Foreign Court Orders for Custody or Protection of children abducted within Thailand by Thai ethnics, will NOT be honored by Thai Police or Thai Judiciaries; thus US Embassy Bangkok will also not assist, intervene, nor comment less symbolic vanity be lost.

Although the U.S. Dept. State and its' Embassies are obligated to actively protect all children's rights and their citizen rights, as scribed in the US Constitution and fore sworn to by every government worker, the US Embassy Bangkok will not interfere, assist, nor comment on Thailand,

Thailand is not concerned with human or children's' rights issues, nor with the parental rights of foreigners. Thai concerns are to maintain their status unquestioned sovereign.

Thai Police and Thai Courts have a policy of collusion and 'silence' about such issues and a bias for aiding only the Thai-side, ...'Thai helping Thai'. Thai Police also will actively nor make or render a police record against a Thai as it would officially record Thai fault, Thai Police malfeasance, and Thai social bias, and collusion. Thailand does have a symbolic Commission for Human Rights, which has absolutely no powers to do anything nor to initiate any action.

The U.S Embassy Bangkok, under the Ambassadors Mr. 'Skip' Ralph Boyce or of Mr. Eric John put the diplomatic 'partnership' and 'sovereignty' of the Thai Government above that of a child's' welfare and that of his future. Both Mr. Boyce and Mr. John were 'first' to meet and greet the 'interim governments' of Thailand: the military coup dictatorship that seized power and the political new autocracy, the brother-in-law, of disposed xPM Thaksin that the military had already ousted.
America can intervene militarily and can vocalize distaste for abuse of power, denial of freedoms, and make lavish donations to Thai to cull favoritism; but not for American citizen crime victims of Thailand.

Current US Ambassador Mr.Eric John, was appointed by the most despotic US President GW Bush in recent US History, Mr. John is a staunch Republican, voted for John McCain, and comes from Indiana, a State known for its' 'gun-loving, bible-based' Republicans, .

America 'does' abandon its' citizens and citizen children to 'please' foreign, fascist, dictatorships, who are called 'partners'.

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