Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kasikorn Bank offers fake account to victim of Banks Crime

Kasikornthai Public Co., Ltd. 13 May 2008
1 Soi Kasikornthai, Radburana Road, Bangkok 10140
Tel: (662) 470-1122 e-mail:

RE KasikornBank, ...the Directors of Thai Kasikorn Bank;
the Siam Square Branch Manager: Mr. Manoch Thavornprapasawat
and Siam Square Assistant Manager: Ms. Thanyarat Suwanmalee.

Dear Mr. Banthoon Lamsam:

Thai society permeates throughout Kasikorn Bank through its' employees, they represent Thainess; It is on this issue that I am offering this letter. Kasikorn Bank representatives will neither admit to errors, collusion, and even criminal acts.

I shared a bank account, contracted as 'either' Party having '100%' access whenever they choose. The Manger of Siam Square at the time [March 2000] agreed. A prior letter from the KTB Legal department also stated this.

The Assistant Manager did not, denied access, and did all actions to deny and delay; this 'pattern policy' was continued and furthered by a new Manager who refused to converse in English, refused to decide, refused to issue statement or documents as to status for delay and denial. The Assistant Manager and New Manager both claimed that the account was contracted as 'AND' both are required to access [not OR-EITHER as was contracted] The Assistant Manager and new Manager also claimed that the Bank Passbook took p residence over the contract and as the Passbook only had
one, not two, name signature tapes, [this was done intentionally by the Asst.Mgr] to favor and enhance ownership of Thai party' [this deny access and exclusion of myself, the foreigner owner present].

This Manager and Assistant tossed the problem to the KasikornBank Directors...of which you are one, family members are others, and also Pol.Gen. Pow Sarasin [whose status puts off legal action]. The Board replied after two months delay, 'litigate us'.

Discussion of this with two Thai judges and five legal counsels, and a legal counsel specialist-teacher, all came to the decision that the Assistant manager with collusion and avoidance of the new manager sought via personal bias and
bank-management protectionism decide...not to decide to avoid responsibility, however these non-action is a mis governance and to the betterment of only the exploiting Thai party; a collusion, malfeasance of fraud.

Litigation would be possible, if I was not already a economic crime victim of Kasikorn Bank and again criminally exploited by a Thai Police family that conspired to 'befriend' me. Thai legal system does not assist foreigners without assets who seek to recover assets denied them. The US Embassy Bangkok under the concept of 'sovereignty' will not intervene nor will it condemn what has happened nor to the extent of furthering victimization that has occurred.

As I am now considered 'elder' at age 60 years, it is unlikely that I will prevail nor recover my life and the assets necessary to provide for my family. The continual problems due to this has damaged my family unity and economically in the position of abandonment.

My family consists of girl Jeannie, who I have protected for most of her life [her biological Thai father, abused and beat her such that her hearing is impaired, abandoned his relation with the Thai mother, and his family, Sen.Sannan is indifferent to her future]; my son, Conor-Bruce is a registered American citizen, but will never be able to escape the poverty this victimization has caused.

The stresses of continually asking the subsequent management of Kasikorn Siam Square if denied assets access, would Kasikorn Bank at least assist me with the required documents for a marriage visa petition to Thai Immigration?

The Manager, would never meet, nor talk with me, only the Assistant Manager, who offered a 'fake' bankbook.

About one month after this offer, which I rejected, the accounts other partner, the Thai party,[Malisa Khamphungton] came to Bangkok [this person I had sponsored for US Residency, and attempted to exploit and defraud me]; the same Assistant Manager at Siam Square gave over all of the accounts assets [the Bank had 'locked' the account on their own decision without any Judicial Court Order] to him, ...and then called me the next day to visit the Bank to be told that the account was now empty and in possession of the Thai party. I have taken no direct legal action against her for her stupidity and compulsions to protect Kasikorn and to 'help' the Thai party...a very Thai thing to do.

Due to the lack of moral responsibility within the Bank and the society, I have had to petition HM King Bhumibol for intervention of this wrong. I have also petitioned to the Thai Human Rights Commission and HRH Princess Maha Chakri..who has an interest
in Human Rights Abuses.

Myself and my family, and especially my children will never escape the debtors prison that Kasikorn Bank's actions have imposed, my children will never have a quality education nor a quality life and will be drowned in the social-quicksand of Thainess, obedience, and protectionism.

I have many times offered to the Bank private options to redress the injury and furtherance of victimization as it seems a full public knowledge of events will not benefit the Banks' image, the facts speak the truth; the damage cannot be erased by time or legal statutes of time-limits.

I have tried for years to settle this injustice quietly and let the
Bank and its worker retain their vanity; but the injury is deep and will be lifelong
unless addressed.

With regards,

Dr. K. Conor
Bangkok 10110

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