Thursday, October 16, 2008

Royal Petition: their Majesties Queen and King

Klai Kangwon Palace พระราชวัง
Petchakasim Road Hua Hin หัวหิน
Prachuab Khiri Khan Province ประจวบคีรีขันธ์

Dear King Bhumipol Aduldej (Rama IX) and Queen Sirikitt :

Your Highness es, It is with respect that I petition you and your family on behalf of my family.

I seek your intervention into incidents that have and will damage my family well-being and myself for a lifetime.
I am now an elder (age 61) crime victim whose family has suffered severe victimization by some Thai.

I am an x-NASA engineer, a medical consultant, and a teacher. I am denied legal reliefs from injustices, arbitrary, and unlawful deprivation of life; denial of fair public trial by independent judiciary. I am denied employment due to racism and ageism. I am denied Thai Police aid, investigation, and simple Police reporting of events.

There has been causes of serious fault: Breech of Contract, Bias, Collusion, Assets Theft, Perjury, Malfeasance; Failure to summon police to detain victimizer when present [Kasikorn Thai Bank]
Theft of Assets, Perjury, Malfeasance, failure to detain or act against victimizer [Thai Metro Police, Pratumwan]
Denial of Human Rights and US Children's Rights [Thai Justice and Thai Metro Police]
Denial of Fair Public Trial access to legal protection and to adjudication [Thai Justice Courts, Thai Lawyers]
Forced Exile, Forced Abandonment and Deprivation; loss of abducted children; Perjury [US Congress]
Malfeasance and indifference to US Citizen Crime Victim Status [US Embassy, BKK]
Arbitrary or Unlawful Deprivation of Rights [US DEPT. STATE, US Embassy, Bangkok]
Malfeasance and delay to take action [National Human Rights Commission of Thailand]
Indifference to International Human Rights and Children's Rights [United Nations]

The causative source of this history was to mistakenly sponsor a Thai for USA residency who defrauded me out of both my USA and the Thai bank accounts; [ Oran Malisa Khamphungton ] this was worsened by Kasikorn Thai Bank collusion and by Thai Royal Metro Police [Pratumwan] indifference and to make a Police report available.

The unethical nature of the Kasikorn Thai Bank in its practices regarding accounts and resolutions is unassailable in Thailand due to Thai lawyers fears and Thai judicial favoritism. The Thai Rights Commission is without powers to act.

The US Embassy does not protect nor aid US Citizen Crime Victims and their Family; nor aid in their survival nor extract them from further harm, victimization; it allows family disunity. This becomes a civil and criminal case against US State Dept. and does involve malfeasance of US Congress in permitting Thai Sovereignty issues to prevail over Rights issues.

The pressures of unresponsiveness or irresponsibility of Thai authorities, and..survival pressures, resulted in the emotional imbalance of my Thai wife Kannika Sangnuan and family dissolution by a forced abduction. I have a son, Conor-Bruce, born 25 April 2004, the same day as your grandson. I am also caregiver and father to Jeannie-Tonakan, born 13 January, her grandfather is Maj Gen Sanan Kachornprasart, abandoned biological father 'Toni' Sugosi; neither have helped her. Children's abduction was 'permitted' by Klongton District Police who do not consider it illegal nor immoral, nor that the mother has a history of personality problems.[Kannika was abused and abandoned as a child, ... her mother, a Burmese, has been entitled as a 'kungying' in Yasothorn Province.]

The multiple damages done by the Thailand-side, although informed of incident damages and possible actions to assist, results in a combined collusion, which a USA Court would call a conspiracy of convenience, a crime.

For me, the assets and experience of a lifetime, bank and retirement accounts, investments, have been exploited.
I am unlikely to be 'rescued' and my children likely to be absorbed into Thailand. A crime against a citizen and his children denied Rights and Relief from exploitation is... a moral, civil, and criminal crime against all Citizens and Children of the World. I am also unlikely to be able to remain in Thailand to aid my lost family nor to correct the wrongs done.

I very, very much need the Royal intervention of Your Highnesses to bring moral justice and closure to this case.

With regards,

Dr. K Conor
Bangkok 10110 THAILAND

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