Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ask ambassador Eric John why US Citizen crime victims are ignored?

“Ask the Ambassador” Web Dialogue with Ambassador Eric G. John (Transcript)

Why is the US Embassy, Dept.State, unwilling,malfeseant, in denying assistance and protection to US Citizen crime victims; the Embassy-Ambassadors budget is extravagent toward Thai / Thailand projects, but the Embassy will not budget assistance for US Citizen crime victim? US Citizens are abandoned and marooned and eventually fall victims of Thai police, Thai Immigration, and Thai Government anti-foreigner policies.

$23million USD can be tossed at a dictatorship that bears little difference from its neighbors.But US Citizen crime victims are left to beg and borrow, to see their lives and those of theircitizen children corrupted by the debtors prisonthey have been caste into.

The Embassy's policy is to be silent..and thismakes them as collusively reprehensible as the causative agents: the thai-authorities; the ACS and US Ambassadors denial of victimization and denial of remedial protections only serves thesovereign vanity US-Thai foreign relations.

As many documents can verify the causes, the case, and the Embassies contributations to furthering the damages; the Embassy-State Dept. continues to ignore US Citizens stresses.

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