Saturday, January 19, 2008

ATTN RE: Civil Liberties, Citizen Rights, Human Rights, Children's Rights+Foreign Affairs Representative Malfeasance to Citizen Constituency in Nancy Pelosi, Tom Lantos, SF Gate-Chronicle, NewYorkTimes, Assoc.Press, Wash. Post.

Dear Hearst Media:

I offer to you a story of U.S. and CA. governement abandonment of a elder U.S. Citizen and his family victimized and abandoned while visiting Thailand.

I am a U.S. elder Citizen, ignored and unaided by Feinsteins Office and that of Nancy Pelosi, I am victimized and abandoned by the US State Dept. and U.S. Embassy Bangkok.

The cause is through aiding a Thai: for U.S. residency sponsorship [he remains free in USA] the victimization is through the U.S. Embassy not protecting nor aiding US Citizen Crime Victims and their Family; not aiding in their survival nor extracting them from further harm, victimization, and allowing family disunity. This is a USA civil and criminal case against US. State Dept. and does involve malfeasance of US. Gov., Congress is permitting and allowing it to continue.

I am unlikely to be 'rescued' and my children likely to be absorbed into the hostile, anti-democratic military dictatorship of Thailand. Sen. Feinsteins Office consistently attempts to evade this case as being 'foreign' or not under jurisdiction. A crime against a citizen and his children denied Rights and relief from exploitation is a moral, civil, and criminal crime against all Americans.

US troops are not left behind...but US citizens are abandoned indifferently and their children born into a debtors prison from which there is no escape. and no American freedoms nor opportunities. The US Embassy is deaf to US Citizen maltreatment.

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