Saturday, January 19, 2008

No protection of alien elder crime victims in Thailand

Thailand seeks the money of alien retirees and affluent aliens seeking medical services, but....
Thailand does nothing to warn, nor protect, nor compensate, nor prosecute wrongs; it does everything
to protect malfeasance of Thai Police and malpractice of Thai physicians.

In California, a special section of Police and prosecuting Attorneys links to assistance and inform the elder (60+) regarding criminal economic fraud/ theft of elder; Thailand has no such protection to alien residents, retirees, or guests by Thai citizens; this happens far too often and as the number of elder alien retirees / guests in Thailand increases special laws and concerned police are needed; thus far there has been no attempt to protect alien victims and no admission there is a problem. The foreign Embassys, ie US American Embassy, does nothing to proactively warn US citizens of problems awaiting and that the Embassy will not assist if such a problem, economic or medical occurs [the US Embassy plays silent guest in gratitude to their Thai host].

In other countries and places such as California, there is a double penalty for defrauding an elderly person as they are not at an age where they can economically recover from the loss.

In Thailand, there is extra protection of both police and physicians; there is also cases of where it may be life threatening to accuse either of wrong-doing.

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