Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thai defrauds US citizen sponsor

FBI San Francisco 23 OCTOBER 2007
450 Golden Gate Avenue, 13th. Floor
San Francisco, California 94102-9523
Sanfrancisco.fbi.gov (415) 553-7400


I am an elder (60) US Citizen defrauded and exploited via sponsorship (INS)
of Thai Olan-Malisa Khamphungton who concealed theft and fraud; who continues to work as prostitute in San Francisco. My lifetime assets were exploited ($120K).

I also gave up a lucrative employment which would have given me a 'nest egg' retirement of $2M. This damaged me professionally and all of my future.

I discovered assets hidden in Bank Of American bank box ($58K) and ($40K) hidden in Thai Kasikorn Bank in Bangkok.

BOA assets were fraudulently given over to Malisa by a Calif. attorney Eric Zuber, who perjured himself to California Superior Court.

Kasikorn Bank assets I attempted to secure or restrict but collusion between this Thai Bank and Malisa resulted in adjudicated denial; all assets were given over to Malisa and not USA reported (INS).

>In seeking legal justice, I was victimized again and robbed by Thai police ($5K) and denied a Thai legal access [bias].
>The US Embassy-State Dept. has been informed , but as matter of foreign policy denies me aid or repatriation. The Embassy has actively encouraged me to abandon my Thai family and to latter (?) extricate them.
>The Bangkok Embassy has also perjured itself to Democrate Rep. Nancy Pelosi when >The turmoil that this has caused me is abandonment, destitution, and disruption of my family unity;
>this has resulted in the recent abduction of my US citizen son Conor (3) by forcible threat august 5, 2007.

Again, the State-US embassy is neither concerned nor assistive as 'this is a civil matter' and 'Thailand is not a signee of the UN Hague Accord, they can abduct, you and the embassy cannot save' I have petition nearly every USA Gov office and CA office on this.

Being a US citizen means my rights and those of my son and his future is denied. We are in effect Stateless.

>Dept State and BKK Embassy considers all of this collateral victimization damage as 'a personal civil'

>FBI or INS could easily arrest Malisa as he now enjoys being made a US Citizen and is resident in San Francisco.
Perhaps then I could recover some of the stolen assets that I worked for.

with regards,
US Citizen, Victim

Malisa Khamhungton, recieved US Residency and Citizenship...by ERROR, fraud
defrauded to obtain INS benefits. Defrauded sponsor to obtain assets.
Perjury to CA superior court.
Fraud to IRS tax concealment and transfer of crime assets to Thailand. Import of controlled drugs with purpose of sale-profit. Concealment of prior Prostitution activities in Thailand and current
activities in San Francisco

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