Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thailand Mental Health indifferent to family case

Director General and Deputy Director 29 August 2007
Thai Mental Health,
Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok

Dear Sirs:

I am a US Citizen, now age 60, I have been living inthe Kingdom for over 5 years; I am a healthcare provider.

I have a thai wife-burmese, ====== now age 30,.....who has a 4 year history of rage addiction, dependency, and bipolar mood swings, usually about every 3 days; she menstruates about 2-3 times each month; and has opposite reactions to medications [prozac results in rage]. She is unable each time to admit responsibility or fault for her rage reactionsand usually transfers them.

Because of her mental temperament, we have been asked to leave 4 residences as she starts fights, breaking doors, and throws objects, at the walls, and also at me and the children. She is often not-attentive of the children, in result they were burned with hot water and my son has 3 of his front teeth damaged [she trys to claim that she did not do it,..... 'the baby sitter did it']

There are 2 children that I am most concerned about,for their mental wellbeing, their development, and for their safety. ....There is a girl, age 7, 'jeannie', whose biological father abandoned her at birth [he is the grandson of Sen. Sannan] I have been her caregiver and provider for the last 5 years. ....There is a boy, age 3, conor, who is biologically from me and he is registered with the US Embassy Bangkok. [the Embassy will not assist me]

On over 10 occasions, she has either exited 'run away' for periods of 2 days to 1 week; on other times she has taken the children, usually in a fit of rage.

While in a rage kannika has thrown shoes and books atj eannie, and thrown a room-fan and a knife at me while I was holding and protecting conor. She has said that she wants to kill herself and would like to see me dead.
On two occasions, I took her to the KlongTan Police Station to have them sort out the conflict; each time the Thai Police will do nothing, and each time thePolice have said there is 'nothing wrong with the mother taking away the children as she is the mother' The Thai Police do not consider that she is emotionally unstable, that the children are unsafe with her, and that daughter jeannie does not want to stay with nor go with her mother. I have had thai friends telephone to the Police to get them to understand, and each time they saythat I am not the problem. [she has filed a Police report to say she is 'fearful'; she has nothing to fear,but she does cause conflicts]

On August 5, 2007, she took my son conor, ...as she was screaming 'help, help' in thai...I let her take him as this made her more quiet; at age 3 conor only understands that mummy is going out. Daughter jeannie told her, she did not want to go with her and wanted to stay with me. [she works as a translator a very often takes the children out after 11pm until 6am] She has said that 'the children belong to her' and also 'the children are not yours and you are not the father, thomas [zoltan laszlo] is the father' [this is fanatasy]

On August 10, 2007, she returned at 11pm with avery large man to threaten and coerce me not to do anything, while kannika wrapped a towel around jeannieto bind her and to prevent her from trying to struggle free [she has also previously tied both children togetherwith rope]. The man is from Budapest Hungary Zoltan Laszlo and calls himself big 'thomas' [He has been in/out of Thailand for years looking to make a marriage scam to stay; this has been emailed reported to Thai police, who have done nothing]

When I told them that it is illegal ...an international crime to take the children by forceable abduction.... and that toresolve it I would telephone to Thai Police, they both ran away with jeannie who could not break herself away.
It is my understanding that She is likely staying in a house belonging to her uncles [they also have a history of abuse to her, her mother also deserted her when she was a child and also would bind her]....

Also, it is not appropriate for her to be staying thereas one of her uncles is apparently HIV+ and is sufferingAIDS related illnesses. [he could infect the children and they could infect him]

As this is a conflict with the wife, and as she has abducted and seized both children, I amfearful about their safety and well-being. I have already informed the US Embassy and US Dept. State as this is a recognised crime,
Thailand however does not and has not signed the UN Hague Accord for Human (childrens) Rights.

She has said often previously that she wants divorce [and each time she changes her mind, returns, and wants what is good for the children] and each time her rage becomes worse. I have told her to go to a medical clinic or hospital to stabilize her menstruation and to get some mental advice. [again she claims her mental problems have been 'given' to her].

Thus, I have presented to you my family problem and that of the children. I have previously called to 24hr emergency and to mental health services, but each time I was put on hold and not helped [my thai language skills are only basic].

I have found that the thai Police are not concerned [daughter jeannie previously wanted to make a report against her mother, but the KlongTan Police would not take it].

I would like see this resolved as a medical and social problem rather than a prolonged Court dispute that damages the childrens lives. My wife is acting out a life-pattern that she has had from childhood.

Can you assist with this?

Thai Mental Health Services Never responded to this plea.

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