Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Plea to California, save a citizen

First Lady Maria Shriver 18 November 2007
State Capitol Building Fax: (916) 445-4633
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear First Lady Maria Shriver and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I am a US Citizen, born in America, born in Boston, educated at Boston University and at Berkeley, a Vietnam volunteer, and now age 60. I worked and lived in San Francisco.

You and your husband have done much to protect California and America.
Both of you understand that there is a time to fight and a time for help.

The State Dept. claims it respects foreign sovereignty, the US must insert troops into Iraq, Kosovo, Haiti, and chastise China and Burma, on indifference to Human Rights, social denial of basic freedom, and rights for children.
The Dept. State does nothing about what Thailand has done to American citizens such as me and my families' plight in a deteriorating, undemocratic dictatorship.

I AM A CRIME VICTIM, defrauded, exploited, and robbed by that's, Thai police, the Thai government, and especially by the US Embassy in Bangkok who claims that although I am a US Citizen and a crime victim.. myself and my family are damaged, ...the US State Dept. policy is 'not to interfere in the sovereignty Thailand.'

I and my children are currently abandoned and left destitute.

President Bush, has forwarded a policy of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. My son and adopted daughter are excluded and left behind by the US Embassy, and by the US Government as they will never be allowed in USA, I am denied, and they are denied their citizenship and human birth rights.

President Bush, has pushed for Visa-U, to protect 'illegal' aliens who are crime victims, will you make an effort to at least protect and extricate a US Citizen from a criminal military society that is a fault three-times over.
US Ambassador 'Skip' Boyce has never answered my letters plea for assistance; but who has accepted awards from the illegal Thai military junta and has managed to beautify a Thai temple with $50,000 of USD. If I was an airplane crash or tsunami victim, the Embassy would assist and evacuate us; 'crime victims we see everyday, there are too many'.

Being a domiciled Californian, I have requested Senator Feinstein and Rep. Pelosi for assistance...and I have never been assisted to survive nor to exit Thailand by either of these two who should be the first to protect and serve. Each has been lied to by the Bangkok Embassy, by Ambassador Boyce or thinks that my problem is some how just 'civil'.

Is it now USA policy to abandon and leave behind US citizens to the 'no mans land' of a third world dictatorship?
I thus appeal to you and to the Governor; if American cannot do it,

I think that California and a person with a heart can.

Without assistance, I and my children can just forget about being an 'American', and be just another stateless refugee.

with best regards, always

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