Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thailand : Land of Bamboozle

Victim of Thailand : Land of Bamboozle
Land of 'smiles'; land of gile; grin and bear it
Land of laws; people for injustice

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mr. Obama denies Citizens Rights of Thailand sanctions child abduction

Dear President Obama :
     You were contacted as a US Senator, a Senator hoping to become US President,
and again and again US President. You are a 'first' in US history for a President
however you are a 'last' and typical of all preceeding Presidents; you roll over or
roll with the tide; you compromise, you bend to the politics.
   The USA has a 'partnering relationship with Thailand, a UN member who has NOT SIGNED all of the
Hague Accords for Childrens' rights...and notablly a member of asian-collective : ASEAN..of whom eight (8) of its' members [also UN members] have a 'cultural tradition' a 'social' policy...usually meaning... absolutely no written laws...that permits parental child abduction [kidnapping]. You intervene for US Corporations. for patent ownership of IT, VDO, MPG rights and Thailand superficially permits it to the extent it gives the appearance of 'cooperative',
international, and 'civilized'.
    You DO NOT intervene for a US citizen child or a USC father's rights; you abandon US Citizens.
    Thai 'cultural tradition' without laws strips a father of obligations and custody rights and a means of intervention to protect.  Thai Police always 'give-over' children to a Thai mother...without any police records being made or requests for the mother's arrest no matter the criminality or the psychosis.
     Are these your 'partners' for policies or 'partner's' for immoral and unethical human rights breeches? Perhaps the theft and use of those stolen and pressed ganged into being 'slaves' to ones household and estate was OK also? Or perhaps President Obama, you lack a black soul but do indeed have a black heart?
    Thailand, under the guise of 'democracy' just like you, and appearing 'progressive and modern' just like you...wants to be seated on the UN Commision for Human Rights..
     Thailand admits that although they have a less than perfect history...'Thailand can learn on the job once instated.' quoted by the current MFA ...the wouldbe promoter of himself for this job.
     Are you doing much as you can, Mr. President, or are there still some issues that you should have attended and should not have allowed?
   My case has been put before you emmissaries: US Ambassador Eric John, Sec. Hillary Clinton, Sen.Barbara Boxer,..Nancy Pelosi,..California Victims of Crime Commission...the FBI and the Immigration and ...none has taken any interest.
   So, please Mr Obama, do not ask me to take an interest in your Senate wrestling or you cholesterol indulgence. My problem will need to be fixed without you. Perhaps my son will develop as an American who
wishes to be himself, free US and Thai govenments and 'culture-political' protectionisms.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Senator Lugar denys protection to Crime Victim in Thailand

Senator Dick Lugar, ChairmanSenate Foreign Relations Committee
WASHINGTON, D.C.306 Hart Senate Office BuildingWashington, D.C. 20510-1401

Dear Senator Richard Lugar:

I am an American Citizen; I am a victim of crime: fraudulent theft and assault by a Thai Citizen
Olan Malisa Khamphungton;
I was further victimized by the Bangkok Thai Police who made false reports about this case, took no action, and who also stole half of my life-retirement assets;
I was again victimized by the Kasikorn-Thai Farmers' Bank of Bangkok who intentionally breeched my Savings Deposit Contract with them and gave over all the the accounts assets to the Thai Citizen who first defrauded me.
My current family, wife who is thai-burmese, and two children, girl-5, boy-1 are derivative victims as I cannot get them out of Thailand nor give them any future [they are biased against being american-burmese]. I cannot even protect them from Thailand whom insists that the
Children must obey Thai cultrue and learn Thai language in their pitiful schools.

I have contacted the US Embassy in Bangkok, the US State Department, President Bush, and even the King and the Prince of Thailand. No results in eight years.

The Senators of California where I lived for 20+ years have both ignored my pleas for 4-years now.
I find it amazing that US-based organizations AMCHAR can summon huge-amounts of assets and aid for tsunami victicms...all of whom will never recieve any of it; I am an American in distress I am ignored.

I will ask you to aid or intervene. My wife, who previously taught english to thai-drug police lost her job for asking for aid and they also tried to rape her

The originator of these crimes: Malisa Khamphungton now resides in San Francisco and although I have repeatedly notified INS....he was given US-citizenship.
Kasikorn-Thai Farmers'Bank is a wealthiest banks in Asia but continues to recieve USA-assistance to 'develop' Kasikorn Banks second chairman is Police General PowSarison, who protects the bank from lawsuits; his son, is a Captain in Thai Drug Police. Thai-Drug Suppression Police where trained by DEA but used US police-tactics and US weapons to 'erase' low-level drug-users and innocent families in Northern thailand]

No matter who nor how many times Thailand cycles around through governments and PM's
their objectives are never to omit error nor damaging an elder US Citizen.

Crime VIctim denied assistance by Clinton's

The Honorable William J. Clinton
55 West 125th Street, NYC, NY 10027

Dear Pres. Clinton:

I am a US Citizen, defauded, exploited, denied by US Citizen Rights, abandoned to Thailand [the victimizer] ; my US Citizen Children have also been abducted.

The Bush administration and Sec.State Condolezza Rice made no efforts to assist.
Rep.Nancy Pelosi and Sen.Diane Feinstein have not protected me. Sen.Barbara Boxer, for all
of her self-promotion, also has never replied to my appeals.

Now, with the Obama Administration, current Sec.State Hilary Clinton, who was asked to intervene, protect, or assist as a NY Senator, continues to ignore the 'little' people problems
the kind of problems that have severely damaged their lives..for all of their lives; and being
elderly, very, very unlikely to recover or survive. America it seems is capable of demanding
taxes and patriotism without committing itself to help US Citizen victims of US 'partners'

Mr. President, your direct forward insertion into N. Korea shows that you act and influence.

I need a paladin. I do not need an empty promise..the Thai's and the US Ambassador at
Bangkok have offered nothing for over 8 years.

- Former President Bill Clinton met in North Korea with leader ......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Child rights, woman abductors, and Thailand ABORTION

It is generally and incorrectly believed that Woman, the female gender, are inherently good mothers and/ or good to children. This is untrue for 'humans' and unture for every other living female species.

Much of the killing and predation by animals is done by the female. Without pulling up a detailed research study, I will record my own experiences [which some will just say is bad luck].

My own experience is :
     My first wife, love interest : Sylvia Robinson, of Roxbury, MA,USA aborted our child in Boston, MA.
without informing me; she thought I would love the child more than herself. The results of this 'I'll do it my way' eventually put me in the hospital with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, and ulcerated gastritis.

     My second wife, Marilyn Mai-Lin Mar, of Honolulu, Hawaii, aborted our child  in Cambridge, MA,USA as she didn't want to have to explain it to her conservative Chinese family or to have it get in the way of here career; so she made her own medical appointment and told me as she would explain after she returned in the afternoon.
    She also did not want her parents in Hawaii to know or be forced into marriage although she wanted the marriage and was one who proposed it to me. She also concealed that her addictive shopping habits and for 14-years covered all of her purchases by my savings account the over-draft for her empty checking account.
    We split amiably our marriage [which knowing what I know now I would not have done] with her announcing: 'I am unhappy, I inherited $1-million, I got a promotion to $100K per year, I bought myself a condominium, and I have had a boyfriend in Chicago for the last 5 years.' The bouncing of her checks to pay for her 'designer clothes buying habits, costs me about $20,000+  per year without me knowing until after our divorce.
    My third 'wife' love interest: Mary Rokoski, Pautucket, RI, USA whom I met at Suffolk University, Boston, MA concealed being pregnant for 4 months then...on her own, injected herself with oxytocin that she got from her research laboratory to induce contractions,...when I returned home, she had already aborted the fetus and packed the child, ...a girl, ...into the freezer. This memory-feeling pains me still, that someone, a 'mother', would do this as she was protecting her on future. Killing a child does not protect its' future.
    You think one of the 'wives', mothers mentioned thus far acted morally? Ethically? As a parent?

     My forth wife, Kannika 'kassie' Seangnuan, Bangkok, a Thailand citizen, who looks Burmese-Lao, when she discovered her pregnancy, consulted with me and then consulted with her British, and Irish foreigner friends [she was a language teacher]. Each 'friend' told her that her life situation was not 'ready', stable, nor 'able' to support another child and that she had no time for the first child [ she had one girl-child already whom she had not time nor assets for; the girl was 'dumped' at her biological father's 'aunts' house located next to a dirty, stinky, river-klong in Thonburi; the girl, Jeannie was always covered with fungus infections. [Her biological father a TaeKwanDo teacher, abandoned Kannika due to an irregular personality and business habits and her 'fantasies' about being assaulted by ghosts or every man she met.]
     Each of her UK friends offered her assets to finance the abortion, which she accepted, but never spent toward an abortion.
    I told her the decision was only between her and me and my 'half' of the decision was no.
I preferred the child to live as all the previous 'mothers' I knew just killed them on their own and for their own
personal feeling or personal objectives.
    Kannika begged me to give her an abortion medicine; being a TCM doctor, I gave her a traditional medicine for woman with mental and hormonal imbalance that improves sleep that would not harm the fetus but would relax her into 'accepting' her pregnancy.
   Never-the-less, as a Mr. Nigel, a pedophile in my opinion, gave her money, 20K THB, she went to an abortion clinic off Sukhumvit-road, Bangkok, ...'without success' she claims. She says she attempted to go 'three times', and that each time she was "late", she went 'on the wrong day', or 'forgot'. Irregardless, ...she did keep the money given to her to buy books and video movies.  When she told me of her multple 'failures'
to abort, I told her again, 'I do not want you to abort..kill this child' adjust to it.

    As some people now understand, some 'mothers' cannot be meaningful mothers as they have
too much mental 'garbage' from their past or that they have PPTSD: post-partum traumatic stress disorder.
    In the case of Ms. Kannika, she has both: abandoned by her biological mother who trussed her-up and placed her in a cubbord [the mother was Burmese, but is now a Kunying, titled lady of the Thai Royal Court], an honor given by the King of Thailand, ..and the PPS...clearly she had a history of menstrual disorders [2-4 menses each month] and increasing personality disorder: delusion and paranoia. She also does a reverse-mental 'judo' claiming that it was I who wanted the boy child, Conor, to die and that it was herself who preserved and protected his life from the 'evil foreigner father. [ The child was named Conor Bruce...resolute, intelligent, and strong]

     When she did ask me, directly, and I made the decision for her, no abortion, the child has rights and should live irregardless of the difficulties it brought on top of the problems Thailand had caused. The decision had to consider her life situation and mine, mine being a four-times over crime victim : immigrant exploitation, bank fraud, Thai/ US Police indifference, and US Government 'helplessness' due to diplomacy.

     Then, as now, I could not have foreseen that Kannika's history of mental, schizo-disorders would
become a grater, major problem leading to the abduction of Conor and of the daughter-in-law: Jeannie. [The daughter-in-law was abducted by 'force and threat' by a Buddapest Hungry friend
Zoltan Laszlo; daughter Jeannie was 'trussed up with a bath towel' and carried out of my room by Mr. Laszlo. [INTERPOL take note; psychologists noting deja veue take note.]

     Child kidnapping is 'acceptable' by Thai 'social and cultural' values. It is acceptable by Thai Human Rights Committee and by the Thai Ministry of Social Development and Welfare.
    Thailand claims it is 'part of their culture and social history' and that I, the father, victim 'should respect Thai culture and society. Perhaps they would also want me to give respect to Thai mosquitos or Thai snakes or corrupt Thai Police???

    Who will look after the 'rights' and 'welfare' of the abucted children, although being abducted, both of them cannot recieve USA Social Security Benefits for their lifetime.

Thailand has not signed off on all of the United Nations Accords for Children's Rights; but is happy to sit in the United Nations as a 'member'. Thailand is part of the gang of asian countries known as the ASEAN
eight of its members, including Japan and Thailand,...deny redress to victimized fathers of abducted children.
Each perfers to act in bias for their own people, thai wives, thai girlfriend and 'gift' them the child and assure them that they will be free of prosecution and that they are free to deny any and all access to the biological

Child Rights Denied Thailand

Thailand's 'legal-system' and its' claimed underying ethics and morality, is at best a feigned facade. Thai's and Thailand claim that they are deeply concerned about the welfare and well-being of children. In fact, not true all basic childrens' rights.

Thailand, is not a signee of the United Nations Hague Convention. Thus, by usual senario: the distraught 'thai' wife abducts the children from the residence of the foreign husband denying them of their father also.

Within Thailand, and sometimes outside of Thailand,...with the assistance of Thai Embasies, they children are abducted and secreted back to Thailand. Under the Hague Convention, this is a social, ethical, and criminal action. Within Thailand, Thai Police will actively 'give-over' children to the wife, the thai-party without Thai Court judication, without consideration that the thai wife has a history of mental imbalance and abuse, and without any consideration that such a decision should not be bad by Thai Police.Thai Police will actively refuse to take a report against the abducting Thai wife ['thai's don't hurt thai's], will not listen to the children's request that they do not wish to stay with 'mummy' but want to stay with 'pa'. [thai police do not listen to children's requests, even when injuries and scars can be shown].

The childrens rights are thus denied, the rights as humans are denied, and their well-being and education diminished.

Foriegn Embassy's, ie. US Embassy, can claim the virtue of 'forgetting'. 'Thailand is a soviergn nation' and the Embassy cannot interfer. This is like the silent guest witnesses the family level carniage but will not voice for the child's just rights less the Embassy not be part of the societies smiling veneer civility. Occasionally, the Embassy will also assist in the child's loss of rights, even though he or she may also be registered as US Citizens, by not even attempting a minimal request for intervention in the interests of the child; the Embassy may also become an accomplise by listening to the Thai Police and believing that 'fahrang make trouble and are bad....not like us thai's'

As the US Embassy wants to remain the fauning, non-interfering guest, it will not in anyway suggest or aid in a saving 'reabduction' even if it is clearly an act of justice in the child's best interests.[not the same as the foreign Thai Embassies that will assist thai's with abductions.]
As for progress through the Thai Courts as a civil matter, most people have neither the time nor assets for this; there are also cases where the foreigner besides having his children abducted he has also had all of thisassets stolen; how then can a crime-victim proceed to judication?
As for progress through the Mental Health departments of Thailand? Thailand has very little resources for all of the existing Thai mental-health problems and absolutely will not even consider that a distraught thai-wifeis a social, mental, and legal problem to thechildrens well-being.

And as for progresss on the basic thai social level? I have b een told by Thai's, 'if there is a problem between you and your wife, I will take the children to replace all the children I had aborted ...this will give me lucky.'

Lack of laws and social mores is no excuse for damaging a childs' rights and his future.

National soverignty is NOT Above a Child's Rights.

Petition PM Abhisit Thailand No-Reply, Exploitation

PM HE Abhisit Vejjajiva , อภิสิทธิ์ เวชชาชีวะ cc: US President Barack Obama
Prime Minister Thailand cc: Secretary General United Nations
Government House. Nakorn Pratom Road cc: US Secretary-State Hillary Clinton
Dusit, Bangkok. THAILAND 10300 cc: US Dem. House Chair, Nancy Pelosi
Tel: (662) 282-6543, 282-6877 cc: HE DPM Sanan Kajornprasart

Excellency, PM Abhisit Vejjajiva :
In regard to multiple grievances I inform and petition for remediation.

My situation and its' history represents social-cultural failure, diplomatic failure, and judicial failure; by Thailand and by
America. My case represents victimization and a lifelong legacy of damages; it also represents rights abuse.
I am a US Citizen, now elderly (age 61), previously a health care provider and a researcher. I am a crime victim;
now in Bangkok Thailand, exploited via sponsorship of Thai Mr. Olan-Malisa Khamphungton, defrauded by the Thai
Kasikorn Bank who chose to protect the Bank and to assist Mr. Olan as 'Thai help Thai'.

In quest for justice, I was denied Police action, denied Police reporting, and systematically denied legal assistance and legal venue against causes and victimizers.

In quest to remain present in hope of action or remediation, I was denied waiver by Thai Police or Thai Immigration.
The Kasikorn Bank was however willing to commit perjury and falsify documents to accomplish this.
The stresses induced upon my Thai wife Kannika Seangnuan, who already had a history of abuse and chemical imbalance, compelled her to abduct our children by force (+): Conor-Bruce (4) who is a US Citizen and Jeannie (7) [to whom I have been Guardian-Father*] I have been denied custody and access rights for over one year already.

The Cases' complexity and continuation was presented to the Thai Human Rights Commission who took no action and have no powers to take any action. The Case has also been advanced for intervention by members of the Royal Family, to the United Nations for Human Rights and Childrens' Rights Violations.

The United States Government under Pres. GW. Bush claims that it cannot comment nor intercede in what Thailand does; Thai Sovereign Rights precede those of Childrens' Rights; Thailand cannot be held responsible for harm.

The US Embassy Bangkok, US Dept. State, and US Ambassadors' Boyce and Eric John will not be held accountable
for maintaining the 176 years of 'partnership' with Thailand. The Embassy does not aid victims of crime by Thailand,
Thai Businesses, Thai Citizens, and Thai-US Diplomacy. US Citizens who are victimized are 'expendable casualties
of traveling at their own risk and are at fault for doing so.' The Embassy prefers to adapt to the Thai story.

As a concerned father, I will not abandon my son Conor to this legacy of damages; as a concerned father-guardian, I cannot abandon Jeannie who was abandoned by her father and denied opportunities that should be available. Ms. Kannika is is need of mental health counseling and opportunities.

I have had all that I was educated and worked for exploited from me; all that I should have been able to do, professionally and for my family has been voided.

It is my understanding that you are fond of football, thus you understand unfair play, denial of participation, biased judgments, and longterm injuries.

As previous Governor of Bangkok, you were petitioned, as PM Thailand, I petition again: Thai and Thailand's reputation is coupled with Thai and Thailand's responsibility to admit and to correct its' errors.

With Regards,
Dr. K.Conor
Bangkok 10110 Thailand

* The alleged biological father of Jeannie 'Tonakan', is 'Toni' Sugosi, whose Grandfather is reputed to be
Maj. Gen. Sanan Kajornprasart. สนั่น ขจรประศาสน์.
+ Forceful-threat abduction, August 2007, by Budapest Hungary man: 'Thomas' Zoltan Laszlo, continually present in Thailand and not questioned or arrested by Thai Police or Thai Immigration.