Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Child Rights Denied Thailand

Thailand's 'legal-system' and its' claimed underying ethics and morality, is at best a feigned facade. Thai's and Thailand claim that they are deeply concerned about the welfare and well-being of children. In fact, not true all basic childrens' rights.

Thailand, is not a signee of the United Nations Hague Convention. Thus, by usual senario: the distraught 'thai' wife abducts the children from the residence of the foreign husband denying them of their father also.

Within Thailand, and sometimes outside of Thailand,...with the assistance of Thai Embasies, they children are abducted and secreted back to Thailand. Under the Hague Convention, this is a social, ethical, and criminal action. Within Thailand, Thai Police will actively 'give-over' children to the wife, the thai-party without Thai Court judication, without consideration that the thai wife has a history of mental imbalance and abuse, and without any consideration that such a decision should not be bad by Thai Police.Thai Police will actively refuse to take a report against the abducting Thai wife ['thai's don't hurt thai's], will not listen to the children's request that they do not wish to stay with 'mummy' but want to stay with 'pa'. [thai police do not listen to children's requests, even when injuries and scars can be shown].

The childrens rights are thus denied, the rights as humans are denied, and their well-being and education diminished.

Foriegn Embassy's, ie. US Embassy, can claim the virtue of 'forgetting'. 'Thailand is a soviergn nation' and the Embassy cannot interfer. This is like the silent guest witnesses the family level carniage but will not voice for the child's just rights less the Embassy not be part of the societies smiling veneer civility. Occasionally, the Embassy will also assist in the child's loss of rights, even though he or she may also be registered as US Citizens, by not even attempting a minimal request for intervention in the interests of the child; the Embassy may also become an accomplise by listening to the Thai Police and believing that 'fahrang make trouble and are bad....not like us thai's'

As the US Embassy wants to remain the fauning, non-interfering guest, it will not in anyway suggest or aid in a saving 'reabduction' even if it is clearly an act of justice in the child's best interests.[not the same as the foreign Thai Embassies that will assist thai's with abductions.]
As for progress through the Thai Courts as a civil matter, most people have neither the time nor assets for this; there are also cases where the foreigner besides having his children abducted he has also had all of thisassets stolen; how then can a crime-victim proceed to judication?
As for progress through the Mental Health departments of Thailand? Thailand has very little resources for all of the existing Thai mental-health problems and absolutely will not even consider that a distraught thai-wifeis a social, mental, and legal problem to thechildrens well-being.

And as for progresss on the basic thai social level? I have b een told by Thai's, 'if there is a problem between you and your wife, I will take the children to replace all the children I had aborted ...this will give me lucky.'

Lack of laws and social mores is no excuse for damaging a childs' rights and his future.

National soverignty is NOT Above a Child's Rights.

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