Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sec.State ignores Citizen Crime Victims Plea

Secretary of State Condelleeza Rice 24 april 2008
cc National Human Rights Commission, Thailand
cc US Senator Diane Feinstein

Dear Secretary Rice:

As a US Government Employee, State Departmenty you and the US Embassy Bangkok and
the US Ambassadors [Ambassador Ralph Boyce and Ambassador Eric John],
each has sworn an Oath of allegiance and faithfulness to abide by
the US Constitution and to its Rights.

I accuse you, the US Embassy Bangkok, and especially the US Ambassadors at
Bangkok, to have breached that oath to a US Citizen, now elder, crime victim, and to his citizen family by denial of assistance, denial of protection, perjury to Congressional inquiry,

...and by such actions, furthered victimization of US Citizen and family, furthered the disruption
and dissolution of family unity, and by such actions and inaction's,...abandoned and destitute the US Citizen and exposed him and his children to arrest and to a greatly lessened existence than what a
US Citizen and his children are guaranteed by the US Bill of Rights and the
US Constitution.

I also accuse the FBI and INS with failure to act against the initial causative agents leading to extensive economic and emotional damage:
Mr. Olan-Malisa Khamphungton his legal councel Mr. Eric Zuber
and the Management and Directorship of the Thai Kasikorn Bank;
Mr. Malisa is currently resident in San Francisco and is
guilty of defrauding US Citizen for Residency Sponsorship;
Thai Kasikorn Bank is guilty of aiding and abetting Mr. Malisa in defrauding US Citizen Foxx and denying and blocking legal action against them.

The results of your non-actions and the results of the 'Citizen Services'
employees and the State Department now makes you complicit and culpable
for the illegal and morally contemptible outcomes.

With regards,
Dr.K. Connor
Bangkok, 10110 Thailand

ps this is not a letter requesting referral into and around the nest
of State Department departments as has already been done previously;
I have requested intervention and assistance and I now understand that
the US Department of State is also a factor in my problem.

--- On Tue, 4/15/08, U.S. Department of State wrote:

> From: U.S. Department of State
> Subject: Sec.State. Condelleeza Rice [Incident: 080207-000057]
> Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2008, 11:24 AM
> Recently you requested personal assistance from our

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