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the Dead are repatriated, living crime victims NO

Re: US State dept and citizen rights+ waver,
24 March 2007
ATTN: CA Representative and Democratic House Chairman: Nancy Pelosi
ATTN: Ambassador Ralph Boyce, US Embassy Bangkok

Dear visa-bkk:
It is clear that the US Embassy and its' ambassador either do not understand or do not want this problem.

I am a crime victim, a victim of fraud and theft of life-assets and retirement assets via:
1. sponsorship of a thai, who INS-ICE has now made a US Citizen and is not prosicuting. Malisa Khamphungton
2. delay and fraud by thai police who would not arrest Mr. Khamphungton when physically present while further
defrauding me of bank assets in Kasikorn bank
3. evasion, delay, and fraud by Kasikorn bank, bias
4. delay, evasion, and citizen rights denial by US Embassy Bangkok.
5. not aiding nor protecting me as a crime victim from further injury and entanglement from thai police and
thai immigration [who do have my reports and petitions
on file that every thai border police can read]
6. US Embassy Citizen Services falsifying that they were concerned and that ASC had offered assistance, this
is false.
Visabkk or ACS letters clearly show no concern and do no more than refer me to FAQ websites which are
not for my problem.

I am aware that current Ambassador Ralph Boyce does have within his power to assist and the waiver any impediment, requirements or conditions to move toward my removal from thailand [the causitive crime agent]
and to do this as a family unit; my son is already a embassy registered citizen, my 'daughter' is adoptable under US law, and my wife Kannika Seangnuan is obviously Burmese and is daily insulted and biased against for being so. The Embassy bangkok seems to be easily able to put on a show of repatriating Karen, Hymong, and other unwanted 'guests' of host country thailand, but the Embassy and its Ambassador seem unmoved by assisting me, a crime victim.

As stated before, I can not give up on this as I do carry my responsibilities as father and caregiver. The Embassy
State Dept. clearly does not give a wit about US citizen rights.

At one time, in my history, I now find it surprising to remember, that I actually volunteered to fight FOR
America in Vietnam; I will never fight for nor defend America, nor forgive American Government for denying my request for assistance.

With regards,
dr. K.Conor
Bangkok, 10110

--- Bangkok ACS wrote:

> Dear Sir/Madam:
> If your e-mail concerns the death, serious illness,
> or arrest of an American citizen, please call the
> American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit at 02-205-4049
> (from the U.S. 011-662-205-4049). After duty hours
> the Embassy's duty officer can be reached 24-hours a
> day at 02-205-4000. This number should be used for
> dire emergencies only. Non-emergency requests will
> be deferred until the next business day.
> General information regarding our services and a
> list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be
> found at:

> If the information you require is not contained in
> the FAQ above, the ACS Unit will make every effort
> possible to answer your e-mail inquiry within three
> business days.
> Inquiries regarding visa issues are handled by the
> Visa Unit and will not receive a response from this
> address. Please consult the following websites,
> which contain answers to most visa related
> questions:
> (1);
> (2)
> (3)
> If you still have a question regarding a case
> currently pending with the U.S. Embassy Bangkok Visa
> Unit, you should contact them by sending an email to

> Sincerely,
> American Citizen Services
> US Embassy Bangkok

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