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Dear khun Sanitsuda:
I have read, agreed, and come to trust your writings and the ethics toward justice.

I am an US Citizen, now nearing the status of elder, 61,I was a Vietnam-war volunteer;
an act I regret as it only served american government interests.

I am a crime victim, of crimes within San Francisco, andwithin Bangkok: defrauded of life assets by a Thai I sponsored for US Residency, defrauded by Thai KasikornBank, robbed by Thai Police, and denied any assistanceor intervention or protection by Thai 'authorities' ..lawyers and judges, or repatriation by the US Embassy Bangkok.
I have learned by experience 'corruption' goes deeperthan most people ever experience and 'thainess' equatesto biased unfairness which america's government has long practiced with a similarity.

As this victimization has been ongoing now for almost eight years.....march 2000 to present.....and progressive and has also resulted in the disunity ofmy 'thai' family; both Thai and American government'authorities' are indifferent to the Rights damages tome or to my Childrens' Rights.

As a victim of both Thai and American sovereigntypolicies... to deny event wrongdoing... neither will incriminate the other.
Due to this I have had to turn to King Bhumibol,....5 petition letters, to the Crown Prince...2 petition letters, and to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights; both the thailands' royalty and the UN act as moral standards....which usually are ignored by those without a moral standard where there heart should be.

The ACS-Embassy attitude is 'as I came to Thailand, I did it to myself' and 'as I have managed to survive, I do not need aid' or as 'thailand is sovereign, ...the Embassy cannot comment on Thai doings'. 'your wife can kidnap the children' as Thailand is not a Signee of the UN Hague Accord on Childrens Rights. Thus all of the claims that Thailand is for human or childrens rights...are hollow when the damage is done.

American diplomacy and Thai authority silence equatesto immoral collusion and victimization; each evades accountability under the guise of 'sovereignty'.

There is a very dank, dirty, underside of Thai government and the US Embassy's relation with the military shadow governments of Thailand. This has continued with 'war' which Thailand is no more than a test 'target'; Thai generals believe that America does these games toteach or to test the thai army, not true as america doeshave strategic strike planning against every country andthailand is assessed as surviving no more than 48 hoursin a real war.

As a crime victim, robbed of all assets, I cannot followthe Embassy's advice of hire a lawyer. I have approached 10 thai lawyers and consulted with 2 thaijudges, and talked with 2 thai police generals....the answers are 'thai's do not help fahlang to hurt or win against thai's' ...much the same attitude as the US Embassy's Ambassador.

Thai Kasikorn Bank is protected by Thai Gen. Pow Sarasin, his son is a captain in thai drug suppression...thai lawyers and thai police are affraid to place this crime to the Bank.

Thus crimes happen, no one will face-down the wrongdoers. US State Dept. is silent, FBI, INS, take no action.My life remains damaged with no evident escape in acountry that cannot believe that an american can be damaged financially, believes that remaining in Thailandso long I must have done something wrong in america..and being defrauded of a lifetimes assets...I am leftvulnerable to Thai Immigration which has no policy waiver for non-solvent crime victims ...and the US Embassy has a policy of NOT protecting defraudedUS Citizens from falling into a debtors prison.

Before 1992, I worked for NASA, hubbell telescope opics,I was a physicist from Boston. I also designed part of the TRW Information system for banksand the US Post Office; later studied medicine;this all now, and here means nothing and is not wanted.

Thai's themselves do not understand why all americansare not rich, why they cannot grow a life in thailand,and why...there own 'american' government denies themdue to this, thai[ness] attitude is 'you must have done something wrong, so thailand is not lucky for you'

On any day of the week, I can go to the Queens Park next to the Emporium and see between 5-10 foreignerssitting and pondering their lives, all of them are crimevictims, half were damaged by business relations with thais and most were damaged by personal relations,most also have thai children they support even as their'wives-mothers' have abandoned the children. Is this thainess or a corruption?

In the years I have sat in the Queens' Park I have witnessed three childrens' deaths,a drowning [the thai mother would not jump into thewater] and a suicide leap from the Emporium ParkingGarage. I have witnessed Thai chldren 'drop-kicking'captured pigeons into the lake...killing the birds...but feeding the turtles.

I have given my story to Thais, who usually then requestthat I not tell them more as it shatters their 'sanook'the make believe world of self/ society delusion.

I find that the status of being an american is worthless,that my pride of being an american is worthless; an american cannot even depend on another american; an american cannot get the american-government to listen, to assist,and....the US government and Embassy is too interestedin tossing taxpayer assets to anyone but an american.And Thailand is happy to catch what they can a still appear innocent.
That is my position and my status, all made by americangovernment and american embassy; all furthered bythai government 'authorities'

I am not prepared to just......move on and forget a problem the retards my futureand that of my Children.
ps. the Thai I originally sponsored to america...Malisa Khamphungton...I wanted to use as a cosmeticsurgery representative....this person was known tok.Ma Onapa Krisadee...who knew that there would beproblems of trust....but with-held that information.

with regards,

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