Friday, December 28, 2007

US Government abandons US Citizen to Thailand

9 December 2007

Dear Senator Feinstein,

As a constituent, I am not being 'well' served in any capacity by you or by CA.Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who is more concerned for national and international-issues, but you are both unconcerned about US Citizens who befall being crime victims in foreign countries...
...who are also unserved ignored by the US Dept. State and the US Embassy Bangkok,
...and who are also ignored by US CA-state public servents such San Francisco Superior Court, San Francisco Police, The California Attorney General, and of course the Govenor of California. As a US Citizen marooned in
Bangkok, the US Embassy Citizens Service Director Ted Coley and gone somewhat out of his way to ignore
that a problem exists [a good State employee] while the US Embassy Ambassador 'Skip' Boyce has gone out of
his way to befriend the Thai Junta General who seized power [of course he believes he is not compromising
US sovereignty with the sovereignty of a Thai Pusch] and manages to spend $50,000 USD to beautify the walls of a village temple [not minding all of the US citizen crime vicitims wandering Bangkok]; perhaps that's is why the Embassy always asks crime victims 'is there someone in USA that we can ask to foot the bill for you
repatriation, rather than using tax payer funds to aid US Citizens in distress.

You or the staff under your direction, seem to more evasive to avoid work than be helpful.

I, at age 60, will unlikely recover from being criminally exploited, and will also unlikely never have the option of returning to USA, to CA, and to share at least the symbolic virtues of being an 'american' with my son conor, who also is trapped as I am in the military controlled dictatorship of the Thai. Or to aid 'daughter'
Jeannie, who already has been tossed away by her thai biological father; perhaps his rich grandfather didn't want to get involved in the responsibility.

As Pres. Bush is off on his tangents ....also ignoring my case and plight, I find myself in the position of having to beg to the ageing well-meaning King of Thailand, who in five years of petitioning to make things right,....also cannot intervene in his own country.

Thus this day, I have initiated a blog, public, and wish the whole world to be truthfully informed about how little US and CA representative actually do or how little concern they have for their constituents. And how little being a US Citizen means when it's the only thing you have left and it's of NO VALUE to the US Governement.

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