Wednesday, December 26, 2007

US Embassy bangkok and California Representative deny rights

Status Notification (Failure)
assisting US Citizen Crime Victim June 24, 2007

RE:--- Bangkok ACS "mail from:"

Dear Sir,
I can find no record of previous correspondence from you regarding your situation. Please provide specific details of the crime so I can determine how to best assist you

American Citizen Services

Subject: RE: US State dept and citizen rights

U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW Washington, DC 20520

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

ATTN: US Ambassador, Bangkok 'Skip' Ralph L. Boyce
ATTN: Senator Diane Feinstein,
ATTN: Senator Barbara Boxer,

Dear Bangkok ACS:
I have no reply from the Embassy nor from its' Ambassador regarding my situation; nor have I at anytime received documented correspondence evidence regarding my interfacing with the Bangkok Embasssy. The Bangkok Embassy has been cooperative in resettling shen and karen refugees to recept of better opportunities in america, but does not benefit US citizens who are crime victims of thai citizens and thai government.

What the State Department foreign service' Bangkok Embassy has done is condemned a bonifide US citizen and his family to an economic 'death sentence' of lifelong poverty in a military dictatorship that is openly discriminatory to foreigners and protectionary to thai criminal wrong-doers.

I and my family are crime-victims and will continue to be so; my children will never go to thai school nor be allowed into thai society; my wife being of burmese heritage is prejudiced and expoited daily and has been sexually assaulting by thai police for seeking police assistance.

It is accurate to report that the Bangkok Embassy is guilty of favortism and complicity with the thai> government and of the avoidance of taking action against the causitive person: thai [now a US citizen]> Olan-Malisa Khamphungton

I would welcome the opportunity to repeat this information in either a US Court, a Thai Court, or even a World Court, if I thought that Citizen Rights and fair justice would prevail.

It is not surprisingthat even the hollywood movie Jurasic Part-3 says, "do not expect help from the US Embassy"

The US Embassy prolonged reluctance to assist me and its indifferente to the citizen-familys' plight, the> recent thai immigration visa restrictions will most likely result in my being incarcerated; and with this happening I again distrust and doubt the Embassy's being helpful.

with regards,
US Citizen Crime Victim

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