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Thai Police and US Embassy will not protect children

1 MAY 2007

ที่ตั้งสำนักงานจเรตำรวจสำนักงานจเรตำรวจ อาคาร 17 ชั้น
4สำนักงานตำรวจแห่งชาติ ถนนพระราม 1เขตปทุมวัน กรุงเทพฯ 10330

Dear Royal Jaray Police:

I have been legally living within the kingdom for years.
I am legally marriedto Lao-Isan-Burmese woman: Kannika 'kassie' Seangnuan.

I have been the caregiver and fatherly for 5years to her daughter 'jeannie' [whom her biological thai father abandoned at birth]

There is also a son, biologically mine, Conor, now age 3years, a registered american citizen.

My thai wife has a history of mental and emotional imbalance,
which has resulted in the destruction of property, room furniture, and 5-times eviction. She has hormonal-related anger-addiction, and is often severely depressed and hypoglycaemic.
She has refused to accept that she is mentally ill and to see a doctor or go to a hospital. [she believes that doctors will only poison her] She has threatened suicide, cut me with a knife, thrown objects at me and at the children. Each time this happens, I have asked and sometimes ordered her to go outside as she is endangering the well-being of the children [who usually cry and scream while she is angry]. I have never 'beaten' her as she often claims, she has often directly assaulted me and she has 'beaten' the children.

The manager of the hotel where we stay is also aware that she is unstable and has twice asked her to leave as she is a disturbance.

The childrens safety and well-being ismy concern. However, on saturday, 28 April 2007, she slapped my son conor without reason. I told Jeannie to take Conor out of the room, for their safety. She ran out of the after them, picked up Conor and went away in a Taxi.

Although she is the biological mother, in her mental state, and history of mental problems,this is an abduction and child endangerment.
The daughter Jeannie remained with me that night and through the next day [this has happened often before].

However, about 8:30 PM, Sunday evening, she returned and demanded to take Jeannie and said that she would keep son Conor and that I would never see him again. [she claims that they would be a an uncles home, which I am unable to verify].

She followed me to the nearby Big-C on Ekamai, and then summoned Klongtan Police.
[I had already asked the manager of Big-C to call the Police regarding her, but the manager would not]

Jeannie and I went with the Police by Taxi.

The Police at KlongTan, never Identified themselves, wrote no documents, or report and spoke no English [this is malfeseance during a crisis situation]
The duty officer was polite, however he continually tried to pressure Jeannie to return to her mother, which she did not trust, feared, and did not want to do. The duty officer told my wife that the stay of the children was temporary.

Although it was clear that her actions of were emotionally and mentally disturbed, the duty officer did not consider sending her to the hospital and did not consider the endangerment to the childrens safety.

I have contacted the American Citizens Services at the US Embassy Bangkok, they not disturbed at the lack of protection for the children and the placing of them with a mentally disturbed mother. The Embassy contacted the police at Klongtan, the police reported that I was the cause of the disturbance and that I had been beating the wife. This is factually not true as I have the knife scars on my arm from her.
On the evening in the Klongtan Police Station, I had a Thai Friend mobile telephone and taught with the Police, this was translated to me as, 'nothing to worry about, the Thai Police said they do not believe a single word Kassie is saying and that she
has caused this problem.'

[I latter discovered that the Embassy Duty Officer, never talked to Thai Police himself, but gaver the task to a thai woman woriking at the Embassy, and it was this woman who reported 'the police said the fahlang [foreigner] was the problem'.

In February 2007, in a similar uncontrollable rage, and I requested that she and thet wo children go to the police station at Klongtan. The duty officer then tried to quiet and calm her and said that they would not take any action. She did at that time make a report saying that she was 'fearful' of me.
[under thai law, this can be worse than a direct assault].

She has no reason to be, although she is psychologically paranoid and worrisome,
she was previously a Tae-Kwan-Do Teacher, so what should she be afraid of.
[her first boyfriend-husband-father of Jeannie, was a well-known Tae-Kwan-Do Teacher] Also, at that time, daughter Jeannie asked if she could file a report against her mother, to protect brother conor and herself. The duty officer at Klongtan said there was 'no need to do that' As he could see that she was lieing.

I also had a thai friend, telephone and talk to the police as I cannot, my thai friend has often observed her as emotionaly enraged and slap the children or tie them together;he was told by the police that they did not believe anything that she was saying about her situation.

Klong Tan Thai Police are misacting, malfesant in no protecting the children from her, and biased for siding with her and falsely reporting to the US Embassy that I was the cause. Too often local police ignore family problems and too often side with the thai who can also be the cause and be an abusive victimizer of children. The matter has been referred to the US Embassy for investigation.

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