Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nancy Pelosi not protect US Citizen Rights

Nancy Pelosi <> 23 July 2007
Washington, DC Office, 2457 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington,DC 20515
Human Rights,,

Dear US Rep. Nancy Pelosi and HRW:

I am a US-Born Citizen, SanFrancisco-CA resident for over 20yrs,

> I am now age 60, I was defrauded by sponsoring at hai for US Residency, in traveling to Bangkok for evidence for discovery of stolen+hidden assets, I was defrauded again by the thai farmer Bank, robbed again by a Thai Metro Police family, ignored by the Thai Courts and Thai lawyers which do not defend 'foreigners cheated by thai's' , and..
....completely ignored by the US Embassy Bangkok...the US Embassy does not aid stranded, crime victim citizenss, does not repatriate them, nor even claim to to offer advice. 'we see too many of this to help them'

CA-Rep. Nancy Pelosi has queried about my case, and the Embassy denied they knew me, denied they knew of my case, knew that I was a crime victim, and claimed I never asked for Embassy assistance.

It is a crime to deny me my citizens rights, it is a further a crime to deny me an escape from the causes of the crime, and a crime for my USA and CA reps Pelosi and Senator Feinstein to deny that there is a problem and a crime for the USA Government to ignore that theUSA-Thailand relation is detrimental to US Citizens.

My children, now 3 and 7 will never be able to return to USA, will never get an education and I am now subject to being jailed as they are 'foregners' Thailand is now in a military junta controlled country.

I have contacted Calif. Crime Victims for aid and compensation so that I can return to USA....they have not taken my case seriously, and are actively seeking a reason not to assist and to see that there is serious and deep damage done to me and to the family and to the family health and unity.

> I have contacted HRW central, and they have never by replied to about this.

....US troops are not left behind...but US citizens are abandoned indifferently and their children born into a debtors prison from which there is no escape.
> can you assist??
> > with best US Citizen.

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