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Nancy Pelosi mislead by Bangkok Embassy

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Subject: EMEGENCY: US citizen denied rights, denied assistance.
cc U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
U.S. Department of State2201 C Street NW Washington, DC 20520
US Ambassador Bangkok Ralph L. "Skip" Boyce

I am a crime victim, now elder 60yr, I gave most ofmy life to working and living in San Francisco, and have become entrapped by thai injustice and injustice by the US agencies here:
Embassy, INS-DHS. I am a crime victim petitioned with the Calif. crime victims compensation.

The Bangkok Embassy has been repeatedly asked to assist in my being defrauded by Thai Kasikorn Bank, by Thai Police [both thai-domain problems] and by Thai citizen Malisa Khamphungton [fraud in Thailand and in USA].
The Bangkok Embassy is well-aware that I have been destituted by this losing all assets and property.

ACS Chief Ted Coley has consistently acted to deny assistance and has said that becuase I have managed to 'survive so long' I am not elligible for repatriation aid. [that is a direct quote]

I had previously requested that DemChair Nancy Pelosi to investigate why I have not been assisted norprotected by the ACS, and that Mr. Coley falsified a report the Rep Pelosi that 'I wanted to stay in thailand and had not asked the Embassy for assistance'. [I remain because of my family and because neither I nor the family group can leave]

I have citizen children who also do not want a life of destitution in Thailand who are ignored at birth by the Embassy. I have also requested that Bangkok Ambassador Boyce issue a waiver to expedite family removal from this locale.
Skip Boyce is busy socializing with the new military Junta.

Due to the stress, I have been twice hospitalized and due to the stress on my thai-burmese wife not being aided at all by the Embassy is contributing the the family breakup. She thinks that just being an american that america should help its own. [it does not]

My needs are fully documented, and I have found thatthe US State Dept and the INS-DHS in Bangkok disinterested, adenial of my Citizen Rights and the Rights of my children and has done so for over 7 years now. I find it amazing that the Dept of State can resettle Shan, Lao, and Hmong refugees to America, and that the ACS denys aid and that Dept State and DHS-INS deny that damage has been done or that it is their problem. America can give $20 million USD to Thailand 'so they can protect themselves' and that the Ambassador Boyce can pay $50,000 for the paint to
beautify a village temples walls; but aid a US Citizen??

Do Americans help Americans who have been defrauded and further defrauded again by their own government?
Do elder Americans trapped in a military junta anti-american country have a chance of survival? Due also to the injustices and bias of the 'new' thai government immigration policy which forces 'poor' foreigners like me out even if they have children and family depends. the embassy does not care about this either. The Embassy is very good at playing the political game of docile guest.

with best

Elder US Citizen, Crime Victim

Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship &Immigration Services (CIS)(Formerly Immigration andNaturalization Service (INS))Address: Sindhorn Tower 2, 15th FLoor, 130 WirelessRoad, Bangkok, 10330, ThailandTel: [66](2) 205-5352Fax: [66](2) 650-7770E-mail:

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