Friday, December 28, 2007

Hopeful Petition HM King of Thailand

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. 5 December 2007

The Office of His Majesty's -----Principal Private Secretary
The Grand Palace, Na Phra Lan Rd., Bangkok 10200


I have requested your assistance each year for the last five years. I have been informed that Your Majesty has 'only concern to help the Thai' and that your concerns are not for foreign residents' problems and their children.

Thai people ridicule me for requesting your moral and ethical intervention, I must turn to you....I am denied police and legal assistance, my thai family is denied their human rights.

I have endured seven years of social bias, denial of employment, and medical care; being a foreigner, medical care is also denied to my children, if I request it. The thai public clinics 'cannot trust fahlang' foreigners.

I have done acts of charity: I assisted with the medical expenses of two Thai families: one in Thonburi and one in Sukhothai; I sponsored an Umbrella Commemorative to HRH Queen Sunanda, wife of King Rama-V, at a Sukhothai
Temple. A gesture of respect and goodwill. I am ridiculed that I 'should have just given 'money to the temple'.

I am a Crime Victim: now elder, 60 years old American man ....defrauded by Thai citizens:
....Mr. Malisa Khamphungton a person I pitied, and sponsored for USA residency, now in California.
....the Directors of Thai Kasikorn Bank; the Siam Square Branch Manager: and the Assistant Manager:

Also the Thai Metro Police Pratumwan Station, the Thai Mental Health Dept., and Thai Lawyers Council. Thai Judges have privately told me 'just forget about it'

I was first a guest in Thailand, in 1989, planning a future retirement location with my then Chinese wife.
I was sympathetic to Mr. Malisa and sponsored a US residency in 1994, a dream for many Thais'. This trust led to a bank account with the Thai Bank... contracted as for either + equally owned; this proved a deception by Mr. Malisa and by the Bank's Management as they collusively withheld all assets for Mr. Malisa without any Court Order.
The Thai Metro Police and Courts will NOT take action against this Bank. Thai Embassies will protect Malisa.

I was previously invited to stay at the thai home of a retired Police Captain, his robbed me also.

At this time in my life, I should have a future built from a lifetime of labors, to offer my wisdom and experience, not to have all my labors stolen. I cannot now provide for my family and will never be given a chance in Thailand to do so.

Thai Metro Police and Immigration Police have told me that although I am a victim of theft, an American,... I should just 'open another thai bank account', 'americans are all rich'.

During this adversity, I married a Thai woman, who had a daughter Jeannie (7) [whose Thai father abandoned at birth, ..the grandson of a Thai Maj.Gen. in politics
I am the only caregiver father she has known, Thailand will not recognize me as a father. In America even without assets, I would be named her father as I have provided for all of her needs and protected her and educated her.
I also have a son Conor Bruce (3) [born 25 Apr 2004]. Whom I do not wish to inherit Thailand as a life of problems.

The continuous stress of Thai non-assistence combined with the U.S. Embassy Bangkok denying me aid for survival or for repatration, has damaged my families unity, with my thai wife, and our children. I am now denied visiting my children, as I am considered 'bad luck'. I cannot resolve this by the Thai Family Court as I have no assets and they
will not fairly judicate in my favor; I have been informed of this by two thai judges already, and informed by many foreigners who have sought child custody and childs' rights, and every one of them lost.

Thai Police are indifferent and the US Embassy will not intervene. Thailand can act criminally, but cannot be called a criminal. Thailand has not signed the U.N. Hague Convention on Human and Child Rights; Thai soverignty is more important than a Childs Rights or a Victims Rights. I am most unwelcome in Thailand, I am a crime victim,
abandoned, ignored, abused, and denied basic Human Rights'.

It is with respect for your moral authority and for your history of people-concerns, I bow and beseech with my humble request to please help.... correct this wrong... in my lifetime, your lifetime.

With best regards,
US Citizen
Bangkok, Thailand

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