Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama breeches Oath, request help Senator Byrd

Denial of Citizen Rights Denial of Childrens Rights
>by Pres.B.Obama, VP J.Biden; Sec.State H.Clinton; Sen.D.Feinstein, Rep.N.Pelosi, Rep.B.Boxer,Gov.A.SchwarzeneggerSubject: query: denial of US Citizen Rights by US Gov.

To: www.whitehouse.govCc:
Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 9:25 AM

Dear Senator Byrd:

This letter needs to be presented to Congress
RE: Multiple Breeches of Oaths, resulting in Denial of Citizen and Children's Rights.

Dear President (Senator) Obama:

I am the father and US Citizen of my son Conor-Bruce, born in Thailand 25 APR 2004; a registered US Citizen, he was abducted by force 7 Aug 2007 and denied his Citizen Rights by US Embassy and US Ambassador Eric John.

I am denied Thai police, Thai court, Thai Human Rights Commission assistance and intervention; denied aid and intervention or reply by US Embassy Bangkok and by GW Bush appointed republican Ambassador Mr.Eric John.

I am an economic crime victim: theft of assets by Thai Kasikorn Bank and Thai police and theft of bank accounts and retirement accounts by Thai citizen Orlan-Malisa Khamphungton [now in USA] who was mistakenly sponsored as an alien resident. The United Nations have not taken action. The US government has never taken any action to assist, to enquire, nor to protect; nor to indict: their advice is to assume a loan-debt for repatriation and go home.'

At age 61, I have neither home and with the acts mentioned, no country nor citizenship. Why should I desire to return to a country that has not aided me and has only exploited me for taxes which are not used to assist me or family?

I and family are without citizen rights. Now marooned 8 years. I would gladly be a refugee to gain some measure of assistance and hope and respect; I have none for USA. US Rep. Nancy Pelosi, US foreign Relations Chair-VP Joe Biden, appointed SEN-Sec.State Hillary Clinton, previous Sec.State Rice, and Sen. Diane Feinstein...and Sen.Pres-Elect-Obama have taken no action.

At one time I volunteered for one time I offered to work for CIA,...I am forgotten. My father was injured in WW2, and was denied US government assistance for 40+ years...I do understand that US policy of denial.

Thai sovereignty is deemed more important than children's rights.

Helping Americans and their children, family is the basis of America, silent denying is Asian policy.

As Public Officials, each one mentioned has taken an Oath of Office and each is already in Breech of that Oath.
I have contacted both local FBI, ICE, INS, IRS,..and central offices, and each has remained silent. I am a crime victim, and economic victim, Rights victim, by America and Thailand...and this legacy, due to 'officials' and 'policy' will be lifelong damage to me and a poisoned legacy to my son: Conor.

California, for all of its high minded speeches does nothing to protect what they preach; Nancy Pelosi can bleat about rights for Chinese and Tibet, but cannot, and never will assist a Constituent, American, an elder or a child.

I cannot survive on promises of Hope or Change; I believe it when I see it.

You are encouraged to circulate this letter in Congress and act upon the failure of the collective Democrats named above. And query why Human Rights and Children's Rights does not protect US Citizens destituted by the Thai of Thailand.

With regards:

ps. I also would appreciate it if you can put a stop to US Funds that are dispersed by the US Ambassador Eric John indiscriminately and to the annual practice of tossing $20M. at the Military Generals of Thailand; both have become slush funds.

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