Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mayor Gavin Newsom ignores request to aid SanFrancisco Victim

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20 April 2008

Dear Mayor Newsom:

I am a US Citizen, and long-time domicilled resident of San Francisco 25+ years.

I am now an 'elder' crime victim: victimized via sponsorship of a thai TS to america for US Residency. I was defrauded out of my life-savings, bank-accounts, and non-SFPD

I am now in Bangkok Thailand, destituted, ignored, abandoned: I came to reclaim assets hidden in the Thai Kasikorn Bank, and through collusion and evasion, these assets were heldup for four years and then given over to the thai I sponsored [one day before I was informed'

I have requested City Attorneys and SFPD, to intervene, action. I have requested CA Sen. Feinstein, and CA Rep Pelosi to intervene, on either the USA or the diplomatic side; each was lied to by the US Dept State and US Embassy Bangkok.

The Embassy's policy is not to repatriate crime victims nor to suggest to host country [THAILAND] that 'they' are responsible for the damages.

I am now age 61, a professional in information systems and traditional medicine.

Do you need another homeless man on your streets who was 'mugged' through aiding
an alien into USA? [this person continues to live freely in SF: 908 Post Street, as
prostitute Malisa Khamphungton, yes SFPD, VICE and FBI have been informed.]

The City can erupt on the national, international view with accolades. Can the City to something to help one of its own.

ps. the case is covered at

and as I now have children, both US Citizens, both are facing victimization and the
stress is damaging my families unity. does the US Dept State care? Not at all.

Dr. k. 'conor'

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