Saturday, January 19, 2008

US Embassy Skip Boyce mixes with Thai Army Junta General Surayud

USA Embassy Bangkok Ambassador 'Skip' Ralph Boyce often meets and mingles with illegal Thai Army General Surayud, the self-proclaimed PM, prime minister; American taxpayers continue
to finance Thai army at $20 million per year, money for 'saving dogs and wildlife' at the local Thai
weekend market, and $50,000 to beautify the fresco's in a Thai temple. Skip Boyce is a multi-lingual career diplomat that speaks several languages, pity truth is not one of them.

The training to the Thai Drug ' Supression' police was paid for by US tax money and the training for this death squad was supplied through US DEA, Drug Enforcement Agency. The secret bowels of the American government are clearly out in the open in Thailand. Ex pates living in Thailand do not understand the personnel switches either: Thai tourist police, become Thai drug police, and when the heat is on [or the shooting has stopped] Thai drug police become Thai immigration police. It's all normal if you view it that way.

Pity that the Thai's of them as an allay; pity America thinks the money gains anything from the anti-democratic, anti-American Thai military, that although a United Nations member, will not sign the Human Rights Accords.

Pity that the US Ambassador does not help American citizens and their families after they are robbed and victimized by Thai police and Thai businesses. The Ambassadors hand can offer
wades of cash dollars, but will not point at and incriminate the criminals and will not aid US citizen victims.
Little wonder the place is internationally known as 'coste del criminal'.

Pity that the American Foreign Relations Committee do not see this fratenizing.

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