Monday, December 24, 2007

House Committee on Foreign Affairs 4 December 2007
ATTN: Tom Lantos, Chairman
2170 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 (202) 225-5021

Dear Chairman Tom Lantos,

As a longterm resident of California, I am well aware of your adherence to Human Rights.

I am no 60 years old, a crime victim, a victim of USA-Thailand favortism-diplomacy, a victimof theft by Thai Metropolitan Police, victim of US residency sponsorhip of Thai: Malisa khamphungton who seized assets held by Bank of America and assets hidden and withheld by a Thai Bank Bangkok. The US Embassy Bangkok will not and has not in anyway assisted [their policy is as a 'host' so they cannot call a criminal a criminal nor act to assist or to protect my rights].

The losses to me have been my life's saving, life's retirement assets, and seven years of my life,with the loss of health due to the continual stresses.

Although I am an economic and social crimes victim, the US Embassy will only 'loan' me money for repatriation [this I would be unable to repay and would be further criminalized for that]; the Embassy has told me to either abandon my thai wife and our children or to 'apply for visas and to pay all as well' The Embassy's practices actively tear family unity appart. The Embassy has repeatedly perjured itselfto both Rep Nancy Pelosi and Sen Freinstein [both of whom have not pressed forward with the case]

I have made efforts for the US FBI, US INS-HD, US-IRS, CA-Police, to take action against the initial causative person: Mr. Malisa [who has been arrested for prostitution in San Francisco].

I have made efforts with the Thai Embassy, Washington and Los Angles, to take actively sanctions; they toldme that 'Thai policy is to help and protect thai people even if they are known wrongdoers, even if they have damaged me and continue to damage others.'

I have sought the arrest or detaiment of Malisa and the Management of the Thai Bank by Thai Metro Policeand the Thai Courts; NONE of them would assist, 'thais do not hurt other thai's, thai's need protection fromforeigners because YOU lie and cheat the thai.'

I am thus floating in a social, legal, and political void without Citizen, without Human, and without Childrens Rights.
Although I am principally an economic crime victim, I have been able to care and house my children; Thai's have told me that if I cannot or do not want to, they would be happy to take the children from me, because they 'like foreign children just like they like foreign-pet dogs.' It makes them look lucky and rich.

The stresses of this, combined with my twice being hospitalized for hepatic-gall-bladder failure, has been too muchf or my thai wife to endure, in August, she forciblly abducted the children to get them 'away from my badlife and bad luck' [thai's are highly supersititious] This further complicates things. Again, the US Embassy turnsagainst me, as Thai Police reported to them [inaccurately] that as a foreinger, I am bad. Thailand is also not a signee of the Hague Convention on Childrens' Rights and thai police again will protect her abducting the childrenwithout any court oversight and without and examination my the department of mental health.

I need a paladin, an ombudsman, someone such as yourself who will stand up for fair justice.
Without assistance, I and my children can just forget about being an 'American', and be just another stateless refugee.

with best regards, always
US Citizen deFrauded

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